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How I Began and Where I’m Headed

Latecia was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA. Latecia Hill is a Life & Business Coach, and Criminal Justice Activist. She has experienced a successful 25-year professional career as a Corporate Executive in the Financial Services industry. She is also among the group of over 70 Million Americans with an old criminal record. She uses lessons learned in both her personal and professional life to teach self-awareness, purposeful planning, and leadership skills to women and at-risk girls.

Latecia is committed to helping women and girls discover, develop, and take charge of their personal power. She brings lived experience and she shares skills and talent acquired along her personal journey to lead others to their victory by teaching them how to discover, develop, and take charge of their personal power - that which makes you S.H.I.N.E.

Latecia is a Credible Messenger, who serves as a Transformation Specialist, that enables her audiences to ascend to their next level in lifestyle and business. She has a keen ability to empower and motivate others to take responsibility and charge of their own life, to create change. Latecia is a living testament of how you can overcome adversity, develop resiliency, build courage, and when applied take control of your destiny. She now serves as a motivator encouraging her clients, “It’s not enough to get through it, we must come out on the other side better.”



The Force: Overcoming | Resistance | Resilience | Survival

Reflection Series: Know Thyself | Self-Awareness | Life in Harmony | Storytelling

Shining Star: Visions | Goals | Planning | Measuring Success

Be the Change: Leadership 101 | Civics | Organizing | Advocacy

Career Highlights

  • Latecia Hill is Founder/Executive Director for the Gateway Alliance Project.   

  • Creator of the Twinkle & S.H.I.N.E. Mastery Course, equipping women with the tools necessary to cope better, be better, and be more fulfilled in life and in business.

  • Creator of the Re-entry Matters Bootcamp, equipping citizens returning from incarceration with skills, tools, and resource referrals to help facilitate a successful journey.

  • Creator of the Rise & S.H.I.N.E. Leadership Program developed with a commitment to providing life skills training and resources to facilitate economic self sufficiency for at-risk youth.

  • Co-Founder of Diamonds of Distinction, a non-profit aimed at the development of girls.

  • Member of the Statewide Leadership Council. System-Impacted Leaders transforming justice in Texas.

  • Hot 10 Leader for the Texas Chapter of timedone. A national movement to end post conviction poverty.

  • FICPFM Fellowship Alumnus A national network of civil and human rights organizations led by people with conviction histories and their family members. 

  • Recipient of the FFB Circle of Excellence achievement award.

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